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Acute Disease Epidemiology

Epidemiological Response/Enhanced Surveillance (ER/ES)

Staff in the ER/ES Section perform several functions related to the identification and response to outbreaks and events of public health significance, to include

  • Health Alert Network (HAN)
    The ER/ES staff maintains the Health Alert Network (ReachSC emergency notification system) for notification of public health partners in the event of an infectious disease or emergency.  ER/ES staff provide policy implementation, education, training and maintenance, for both regional and Health Services staff, in the use of this emergency notification system. 

  • South Carolina Disease Alerting, Reporting and Tracking System (SC DARTS)
    The South Carolina Disease Alerting, Reporting and Tracking System (SC DARTS) is a unified syndromic surveillance system for South Carolina that includes data streams from:  SC Hospital, Chief-Complaint and admissions data, Poison Control Center call data, and CDC’s BioSense biosurveillance system.

  • Investigations of outbreaks/events of Public Health Significance
    The ER/ES section takes the lead role in supporting regional Outbreak Response Teams during outbreak investigations, including providing epidemiologic consultation, assuming Area Command role and acting as liaison with state and federal partners. Additionally, the ER/ES Section serves as surge capacity for Regional outbreak investigations, in which additional manpower is required. 

  • Training for Regional and Central Office staff
    The ER/ES section is also responsible for providing regional staff with epidemiologic response and surveillance training initiatives including Epi 101, Outbreak Tabletop exercises, etc.  

  • Quality Assurance for responses to events of public health significance
    Staff in the ER/ES Section directs the quality assurance process for Regional outbreak response activities via participating/monitoring/reporting of Outbreak After-Action Reports (AARs), epidemiologic response measures within the Health Services Performance Management System, and Federal Grant-related requirements for the timeliness and completeness of responses to events of public health significance.

  • Zoonotic Disease Consultation
    The Veterinary Epidemiologist provides specific expertise in zoonotic disease   consultation.