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CARES Information System

CARES IS Modifications

Effective July 1, 2011

The Immunization Division authorized the following modifications to ensure CARES IS information concurs with current immunization reporting needs.  

Immunization Data Entry Screen

  • Immunization Data Entry ScreenThe Eligibility field is removed and the table options are consolidated with the Vaccine Type field options. 
  • Vaccine Type field options are only applicable to clients < 19 years of age.  These options include:
    • VFC - > American Indian/Alaskan Native
    • VFC - > Medicaid
    • VFC - > Uninsured
    • FQHC or RHC - > Vaccine Caps, Exclusions or No Coverage (Underinsured)
    • State - > Insured - Hardship
    • State - > Vaccine Caps, Exclusions or No Coverage (Underinsured)
    • Private - > Insured  

     NOTE:  A “Vaccine Type” field entry is mandatory/required ONLY if:

      • the client is < 19 Years of Age, AND
      • the “Entry Type” field equals ADMINISTERED
  • The “Vaccine Type” field is not mandatory/required for clients 19 years of age and older (no table options are available

Report: Immunization Information (1103 Form)
Eligibility information no longer displays. 

  • The “VAFAC” column is blank.
  • The “VAFAC Eligibility Status Legend” footnote is removed. 


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