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S.C. Emergency Medical Services
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Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form 3462

DHEC Form Number 3462 (Do Not Resuscitate) (pdf) is a document made to prevent EMS personnel from employing resuscitative measures or any other medical process that would only extend the patient's suffering with no viable medical reason to perform the procedure.

When called to render emergency medical services, EMS personnel must not use any resuscitative treatment if the patient has a "do not resuscitate order for emergency services" and the document is presented to the EMS personnel upon their arrival. EMS personnel must provide that degree of palliative care called for under the circumstances which exist at the time treatment is rendered.

Under the South Carolina Code of Laws Sections 44-78-20 and 44-78-50 a patient in receipt of an EMS DNR must be diagnosed with a terminal condition AND be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Please call the DHEC EMS Office if you need assistance with this form.
Don Whiteley, Division Director
(803) 545-4269

For additional information, call (803) 545-4204