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Healthcare Professional's Quick Reference

Welcome to the Health Professionalís Quick Reference on the DHEC Web site. Included on this page are links to useful documents for physicians and other health professionals in practice. These documents are posted on the DHEC Web site or other reputable sites and are subject to DHEC disclaimer regarding accuracy.

We welcome your input on how we can improve this page. We plan to update this page regularly as new material becomes available. Please send any comments, topic suggestions or questions to Linda J. Bell, MD, Director for Clinical Services, at

Influenza Vaccine Survey

The SC DHEC Office of Minority Health received a three year grant to address the disparity that exists between the majority population and racial and ethnic minorities in SC regarding uptake of the influenza vaccine. One of the first steps they are taking is to administer a survey to health care providers to ascertain their perceptions, knowledge, attitudes,beliefs and practices regarding influenza vaccine. The results of this survey will help them develop appropriate strategies and interventions to address the disparity.

We encourage you and your colleagues to take the survey to ensure that your opinions and beliefs are included. The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes and can be completed by any healthcare provider which is defined as: "An organization or person who delivers or assists with the delivery of healthcare services under the direction of persons licensed to practice medicine in South Carolina."

Please click on the following link to take the Healthcare Provider Survey: and share with your colleagues.


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South Carolinaís Public Health Agency
The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is the State’s public health agency.  DHEC operates health and environmental offices and local health departments and clinics statewide to help meet the state’s public health needs. 

As the state’s public health and environmental agency DHEC carries out the three core public health functions:

Assessment- Assessment and monitoring of the health of communities and populations at risk to identify health problems and priorities;
Policy Development- Formulation of public policies designed to solve identified local and national health problems and priorities;
Assurance - Assurance that all populations have access to appropriate and cost-effective care, including health promotion and disease prevention services, and evaluation of the effectiveness of that care.

Public health practice encompasses the control of communicable diseases and the prevention of chronic diseases through disease surveillance, coordination of medical services for early diagnosis and prevention, health promotion and wellness activities and promoting environmentally sound practices the protect our environment. 

The Public Health and Private Partnership
A partnership with health care providers is vital to improving public health. Individual patient care and the health of the community are integrally linked. The HealthCare Professional Quick Reference is one effort to enhance this interaction by simplifying access for health care providers to information about DHEC services and public health.