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Bureau of Certification Inspection Information

SC DHEC Bureau of Certification is responsible for the licensure and regulation of Health Care Providers. Health Care Providers participating in the federal Medicare or Medicaid programs are routinely inspected by the Bureau of Certification to ensure the provider is operating in compliance with applicable federal regulations, in a manner that protects the health and safety of their residents/patients/clients/individuals.

During a routine inspection Department staff make observations; review a sampling of clinical records, policies and procedures, staffing reports and other relevant documents; and conduct interviews with patients/residents, family members, staff, visitors, and/or volunteers. The Department may also perform an investigation in response to a complaint.

If a violation of a regulation is found during an inspection or investigation, it is documented on a form and provided to the facility. The form used to document deficiencies (violations) found during an inspection or investigation is called the Statement of Deficiencies (Form CMS-2567) for federal regulations. This form documents each deficiency and in many cases, the steps the health care provider is taking to correct the deficiencies.

Each regulation is assigned a tag number, followed by a summary of the requirement and details of why this requirement was not met. Each provider type has a different set of tags. When a regulation is cited as a deficiency it may also have a classification to indicate the severity of the deficiency.

Nursing home federal deficiencies are given a scope and severity. Scope and Severity is a system of rating the seriousness of deficiencies. A "deficiency" is a regulatory requirement that a survey finds is not being met. Scope and Severity is a national system used by all state survey agencies and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) when conducting nursing home Medicare and Medicaid certification surveys. For each deficiency, the surveyor determines the level of harm to the resident(s) involved and the scope of the problem within the nursing home. The surveyor then assigns an alphabetical scope and severity value, A through L, to the deficiency. "A" is the least serious and "L" is the most serious rating. The scope and severity matrix is an integral part of how nursing home scores are calculated in the scoring system.

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