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Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Program

Special (Nutritional) Formula

Families of children and youth who require nutritional supplements for adequate growth and development due to selected health conditions or diseases may qualify for nutritional preparations recommended by licensed dieticians.

Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residency
  • South Carolina residency
  • Age under 18 years
  • Household income at or below 250% federal poverty guidelines
  • Determination of need for special formula related to physician diagnosed medical condition covered by CRS program.


  • Payment for approved nutritional preparations
  • Assessment and monitoring of nutritional status
  • Coordination with primary care provider(s) as needed.

How to Apply

Contact your nearest regional CSHCN office or a licensed dietician.


If you have questions about getting services for your child with special needs, please contact us.

Info for Healthcare Providers

For more information, email Children with Special Health Care Needs
or call us at (803) 898-0784.