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School Health Services

School Nurse (LPN) of the Year

Patsy Lewis, LPN
Georgetown County School District

Patsy Lewis has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for 41 years and a school nurse for 19 years. Mrs. Lewis works with the Georgetown County School District where she provides health services for approximately 800 students attending Maryville Elementary School.

Mrs. Lewis is a dedicated nurse who strives to provide the best nursing services possible on behalf of her students. She works closely with her nursing supervisor to identify best practice standards and ways to improve nursing services.

Mrs. Lewis is organized and conscientious. She methodically reviews all pertinent information. She maintains a substitute nurse manual with step-by-step guidelines in the event that she is absent. She manages her time to assure that reports and surveys are submitted on time. Her supervisor notes that Mrs. Lewis’s diligence, attention to detail and desire to deliver sound and competent interventions is evident in everything that she does.

Staff, students and parents trust Mrs. Lewis’s judgment and know that she is working to meet their needs. Her principal states, “If a sick child needs to get home and the parent doesn’t have transportation, Nurse Lewis finds a way to make it happen. If a parent can’t get to the pharmacy and the child needs medication at school, Nurse Lewis makes it happen. If a staff member has a medical problem and Nurse Lewis thinks they need to be seen earlier than their appointment time, she manages to get them in to the doctor sooner.” To achieve these types of successes, Mrs. Lewis has developed effective relationships with multiple community agencies and organizations. Healthy Learners and St. Christopher’s Children are two examples. Mrs. Lewis also partners with the local technical college to secure assistance with various student health tasks and activities.

In addition to her school health office duties, Mrs. Lewis serves on the Superintendent’s Cabinet of Support Staff and chairs her school’s Sunshine Committee and Holiday Committee. She is a member of the Crisis Response Team and the Alliance for Healthy Schools Committee.

Mrs. Lewis’s efforts on behalf of her school community have not gone unnoticed. She received “Support Staff of the Year Award” last year at the school level and was selected for the Top 5 for “District Support Staff of the Year.” She has received Parent-Teacher Organization Appreciation Awards nine times.

Patsy Lewis is a caring nurse who approaches every situation with an equal amount of attention, kindness, compassion and professionalism. As one parent stated, “It might be as small as a scratch on the knee, but Ms. Patsy always makes sure that she calls parents and keeps them informed about their child. My children adore her. She never doubts them and never makes them feel their sore throat or whatever is not important. She comforts us parents because we know our children are safe in her care.”