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Supervisory Tools for the School Nurse (RN Staff Nurse)

A carefully developed position description forms the basis for the supervisor-employee relationship.  A supervisor’s role is to provide guidance, direction and support for getting work done.  The position description clarifies work functions and reporting relationships, thus helping employees understand and succeed in their jobs.  The position description should form the basis for the employee’s evaluation.

The documents below were developed by the School Nurse Program Advisory Committee for use by Registered Nurses providing supervision for school nurses functioning in the RN Staff Nurse role.  Supervisors may find it helpful to incorporate components for this document into existing documents being used in their local education agency.  Supervisors should follow the evaluation policies and procedures that exist within their local education agency.

Sample Position Description: School Nurse (RN Staff Nurse) (doc)

The sample position description is based on standards developed by the American Nurses Association and the National Association of School Nurses (2005).  Please note that revised standards were released late summer 2011 and are available for purchase through the American Nurses Association or the National Association of School Nurses.

Sample Evaluation Form: School Nurse (RN Staff Nurse) (doc)

The sample evaluation tool is based on the sample position description and sets expectations based on nationally recognized standards for Registered Nurses practicing in school setting.

Description of Measurement Criteria and Measurement Methods for Job Functions and General Performance Factors -- For Use with Sample Employee Evaluation Form: School Nurse (RN Staff Nurse) (doc)

This document further defines the job functions by providing the supervisor with measurement criteria and methods.  Work that would be considered “at expectations” is described.  This document may be provided to by the RN Supervisor to the RN Staff Nurse to ensure that the evaluation process is transparent.

Click here to download all Supervisory Tools for the School Nurse (RN Staff Nurse) (doc) as one document.

If you have questions or comments about the information found on this page, please contact the S.C. DHEC Division of Children’s Health. Phone: (803) 898-0767