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2012 SC Statewide Oral Health Screening

Information for Parents

During the 2012-13 school year, DHEC will be conducting the 2012 South Carolina Oral Health Statewide Screening: Every Smile Counts survey. We conduct the dental screening every 5 years to get a clearer picture of the dental health of kindergarten and 3rd grade children in South Carolina. Results from past screenings have been used both at the state and local level to improve the oral health of children.

Your child’s school has been randomly selected to be a part of this survey. With your permission, we would like to screen your child.

What Will Screening Involve?

At the screening, a trained healthcare professional will look into your child’s mouth and note what they see. That’s all they will do. Healthcare professionals must complete a certified training to participate.

The dental screening will not take the place of regular check-ups by your family dentist.

After the screening, your child will be given a Screening Results Form (pdf) to bring home as well as an activity booklet.


Your child’s name will not be included in any of the results.

Help Your Child’s School Win a Puppet Show

As a bonus, the schools with the highest percentage of returned Parent Consent Forms will be eligible to receive a special puppet show produced by the Columbia Marionette Theater, Flora and Floppy go to the Dentist.

Parent Consent Form

Please complete the Parent Consent Form, below, and return it to your child’s teacher or school by the date listed in the cover letter.

Download Parent Consent Form for 2012 S.C. Oral Health Screening (pdf)

Download a printable fact sheet on the S.C. Oral Health Screening program (pdf)


For more information, please email DHEC’s Oral Health staff or call us at (803) 898-0194 .