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Adolescent Health

Letter to Parents

parent and  teen looking at computer holding brochure Dear Parents,

Like you, I am in the process of parenting a teenager! I imagine that you have many of the same stresses, questions and concerns that I do. Teens have to make choices that may change the rest of their lives and we canít always be there to help them.

As DHECís Adolescent Health Coordinator, I have found some information that may be helpful for us. (Click on the Resources link) After you have looked through the information, encourage your teen to click on For Youth and also Resources. After he or she reviews the information, sit down together and discuss what each of you learned. Encourage your teen to talk about any questions or concerns he or she may have. Your teen wants and needs your guidance and support during this confusing and rapidly-changing time of life.

Other sources of information are available through libraries, doctorsí offices, schools, and health departments.

I wish you much success in helping your teen make safe and healthy choices now and in the future!

Martha Hinson, MSW, LMSW
Adolescent Health Coordinator