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Resources for Teens and Parents

We hope that you find the following resources useful.  The information found on any of these websites should not be considered as medical advice.  Contact your local Family Planning Clinic if you have questions about your reproductive health care, or need a birth control method.  To find a clinic near you, please visit: Family Planning Clinic Locator or call 800-868-0404. 

South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy  
The South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy was founded in 1994 to respond to concerns in South Carolina and across the country about high rates of teen pregnancy. Since that time, the South Carolina Campaign has been the only organization in South Carolina that works in all of the state's 46 counties exclusively focused on the reduction of teen pregnancy.

Carolina Teen Health
This website was developed to provide accurate and reliable sexual reproductive health information to teens throughout the state of South Carolina.

The National Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

Teens Health
Information on all aspects of teen health and well being

Advocates for Youth
This national organization advocates for policies and programs that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.

It's Your (Sex) Life
This website provides reliable, objective sexual health information to young adults. In addition, this information is useful for parents who may wish to address these issues with their teens.

I Wanna Know
 Answers to your questions about teen sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases.

Know More Say More
This website focuses on the reproductive health consequences of violence and sexual coercion. It also contains recent studies, media articles on the issues, and outside links for more information.

Reach Out
An information and support service to help teens and young adults facing tough times and struggling with mental health issues. All content is written by teens for teens, to meet them where they are, and help them recognize their own strengths and use those strengths to overcome their difficulties and/or seek help if necessary.

Sex, etc.
A Website for Teens by Teens