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Public Health Education

Award ribbon graphicHealth Education Awards

There are three awards given for outstanding service to the discipline of Public Health Education. Below are the latest award winners and excerpts from the nominations:

Outstanding Health Educator - Lori Phillips, MPH, CHES/Region 4
Lori is the Chronic Disease Program Manager for the 10 counties in Region 4. She has demonstrated excellence in the practice of promoting individual, family, organizational and community health for over 10 years. She is a multi-talented individual with numerous examples of dedicated community service and leadership with successful initiatives. Whether planning or implementing community interventions, coalition building, grant writing, or spearheading health policy efforts, Lori Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk with competence and grace.

Outstanding New Health Educator - Coleman Tanner, MPH, CHES/Region 1
Coleman is the Outreach Coordinator for the Nurse Family Partnership in Anderson County. She is a vital team member and a large contributor to the success of the first year of this program. Her saavy and skills with assessing the needs of a new program, outreach coordination, systems planning, and community mobilization are exemplary. Her energy, resourcefulness and expertise are great assets to the Region 1 Team.

Public Health Education Advocate - Renee Romberger/Spartanburg RHS
Ms. Romberger is the Vice President of Community Health Policy and Strategy at the Spartanburg Regional Hospital System. She has been effective and tireless in linking the hospital to community health partners (traditional and non-traditional). She recently spearheaded the implementation of the local public health system assessment in Spartanburg County. Her leadership efforts led to the creation of a community health improvement plan with detailed strategies and initiatives.

2008 Awards Brochure (pdf)

2007 Awards Brochure (pdf)

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