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Public Health Education

National Health Education Week

National Health Education Week

Third Week of October Annually

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The National Health Education Week (NHEW) initiative originated in 1994 when The National Center for Health Education (NCHE) proposed to the Department of Health and Human Services that the organization be designated the primary sponsor of a campaign that focuses on school and community health education. The lead organization now is the Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE). Each year, SOPHE provides a planning guide, toolkit, and a series of educational activities to promote the national theme.

Since 1995, National Health Education Week has been celebrated during the third week of October. This celebration focuses national attention on a major public health problem, provides public education on the issue, and improves consumers’ understanding of the role of health education in promoting health. Various health education events across the state are normally held during this week.

Governor's 2012 Health Education Week Proclamation (pdf)