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Radiological Health

X-Ray Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the shielding requirements for an x-ray unit?

Shielding requirements for x-ray units will vary depending on the type and use of the unit (pdf).

When a plan is required, a facility must, before construction, submit a radiation shielding plan and a shielding review fee ($62.50) to the Department for review.  The shielding plan must be reviewed by a Class III (pdf), Class IV (pdf), Class VII (pdf), or Class IX (pdf) registered vendor.  After the equipment is installed, "as-built" drawings and the area survey (if applicable) are required to be submitted to the Department.

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Is reciprocity allowed for a mobile x-ray company from another state?

No. The company must follow the requirements of RHB 2.3.4 Out-of-State Facility Application Fee and RHB 2.8 Out of State X-ray Machines.  These sections can be found in Regulation No. R61-64 – Title B, X-ray (pdf).

Prior to working in the state of South Carolina, an out-of-state facility must apply for and receive an Out-of-State Facility Registration Approval (FRA).  To apply for your Out-of-State FRA, you must complete the Out-of-State FRA request form (pdf) enclose the required supporting documentation, and enclose the application fee of $62.50.

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How do I register my x-ray equipment?

If you have already received your Facility Registration Approval (FRA) then you must complete the Equipment Registration form (pdf) and return it to this Department.  If you are replacing equipment, you must also complete the section on this form to delete the old equipment.

If this is a new facility, you must apply for and receive your Facility Registration Approval (FRA) before the equipment is installed.  To apply for your FRA, you must complete the FRA request form and enclose your facility operating procedures, shielding plan and review fee, if applicable, operating schedule (for mobile facilities only), and the application fee of $62.50.

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What is a registration number?

Each facility is assigned a unique registration number:  xx-xxxx.  The first 2 numbers indicate the county of your facility location.  The last 4 numbers are a unique number assigned to your facility.  You should reference this number in all correspondence with this Department.

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What is an equipment registration sticker?

Once a unit is registered, you will receive a registration sticker.  This sticker indicates registration information specific to that unit including: facility name, registration number, control model number, control serial number, and location, i.e. room number.  Place this sticker in a visible location on or near the control.  Your vendor will look for this sticker before servicing the unit.  Each unit must be registered in order for your vendor to perform any service or maintenance on it.

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What are the requirements for public use of lasers?

The state of South Carolina does not regulate the use of lasers.  For more information, contact the FDA regarding laser requirements.

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What are the requirements to operate an x-ray unit?

For medical facilities:  Licensed practitioner (doctor) or someone with a valid SCRQSA certificate.
For dental facilities:  SC Licensed dentist or certified hygienist or dental assistant.   Under the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation – State Board of Dentistry, all personnel in a dental office who place and expose radiographic films shall have successfully completed a structured course of training in radiation safety.  Refer to the State Board of Dentistry for more information.

For industrial/analytical facilities:  Refer to Regulatory Guide B4 (pdf), Training Plans.

For additional information, contact:  Aaron Gantt at (803) 545-4400