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Region 2 Public Health Office
What's New In WIC!

Extended hours in Greenville, Pickens and Spartanburg

We've expanded hours for working families!

Greenville County Health Department

Some Wednesdays- 7:30 am child & prenatal certification, voucher pick-up, 7:45 am classes

Spartanburg County Health Department

Some Saturdays- 9:00 am - 1:00pm, March 2, May 4, July 13, September 14 and November 2

We now have more Breastfeeding Peer Counselors!

Breastfeeding Peer Counselors are available in Cherokee, Greenville, Pickens, Spartanburg and Union Counties.

Your breastfeeding peer counselor, like you, made the choice to give her baby the best start by breastfeeding. Every experience is different, but she can relate to some of what you might be feeling. Know that she is here to help you. She will encourage you and support your choices, offer breastfeeding classes and answer your questions about breast pumps. Please feel free to call her at:

Cherokee County:        (864) 487-2701
Greenville County:       (864) 282-4343 and (864) 282-4345
Pickens County:           (864) 898-5700
Spartanburg County:   (864) 596-2227 EXT 176 and EXT 151
Union County:              (864) 429-1695