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Stepping Out in Charleston

Almost any type of physical activity is good for us. But walking has many advantages over other forms of exercise. It is a weight bearing aerobic activity that uses the largest muscles. It doesn't need any special equipment. It doesn't cost anything. And what other physical activity lets you talk to family and friends, daydream or explore your surroundings at the same time.

Charleston is the perfect "walking" city. It is a unique city known for its history, culture, architectural treasures, and natural beauty. Set out on foot to take in the sites, sounds, and smells of the old and the new while benefiting from the role physical activity plays on health and well being. All you will need to enjoy Charleston is a plan and the time.

Whether you are a resident of the area or a visitor to our city, we hope that you will explore downtown Charleston on foot. We have outlined four sample walking tours, all starting from The Market area on Meeting Street. Have fun and get moving!


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The Battery Walking tour:
3 miles
Points of Interest Along The Battery
Walking Tour

From The Market

South (Left) on Meeting Street

Left on Tradd Street

Right on Church Street (follow to the right)

Enter White Point Gardens

Take steps up to The Battery turning Left (parallel to East Bay St)

North to Broad Street

Enter Washington Park (Broad St)

Exit Washington Park (Meeting St)

Turn right on Meeting St. Straight ahead and you are back at the market

Basket Ladies (corner Broad and Meeting St)

Branford Horry House - 59 Meeting St (Charleston "double house")

First Baptist Church (oldest Baptist Church in south designed by Robert Mills)

White Point Park and Charleston Battery - harbor view and Fort Sumter, Moultrie and Johnson (brass marker at bend of Battery shows locations)

Edmonston -Alston House 21 East Bay St (museum house)

Rainbow Row 79-107 East Bay St

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Waterfront Park Walking tour:
3 miles
Points of Interest Along The Waterfront Park
Walking Tour
From The Market

South (Left) on Meeting Street

Left on Waters Street

Left on East Bay Street

Right on S. Adger Wharf

North through Waterfront Park

Left on Vendue Range

Left on East Bay Street

Right on Chalmers Street

Right on Meeting St. and straight back to the Market

Nathaniel Russell House - 51 Meeting St (museum house)

Waterfront Park and Pier (view of Cooper River and Mt. Pleasant)

Chalmers Street (cobblestone street made from heavy stones used for ballast on ships entering Charleston from Europe)

Fireproof Building -100 Meeting St (first fireproof structure in U.S. built in 1822-1827 designed by Robert Mills first native American architect))

Old Slave Mart - 6 Chalmers St

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Window Shopping Walking tour:
2 miles
Points of Interest Along The Window Shopping
Walking Tour
From The Market:

Cross Meeting Street

Enter Charleston Place

Exit Charleston Place on King Street

Walk up East sidewalk of King Street

To George Street

Turn and walk down West sidewalk of King Street

Left on Queen Street

Left on Meeting Street St. and straight ahead to The Market

King Street is home to many unique specialty shops national name stores and antique shops. Retail shops line Upper King St while Lower King St is known as the "Antique District". There are also many places to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee

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Art and More Walking tour:
2 miles
Points of Interest Along the Art & More
Walking Tour
From The Market:

South (Left) on Meeting Street

Left on Cumberland Street

Right on Church Street

Right on Tradd Street

Right on Meeting Street

Meeting Street straight ahead back to The Market

St. Phillip's Episcopal Church and Churchyard -146 Church St (oldest congregation in Charleston)

The Dock Street Theatre - 135 Church St(America's first playhouse, 1809)

Several Art Galleries between Queen and Broad St as well as on Broad St

Cabbage Row (Cat Fish Row) - 89-91 Church St (inspiration for setting for Porgy and Bess)

Andrew Hasell House - 64 Meeting St (typical Charleston "single house")

St. Michael's Episcopal Church and Churchyard (Charleston's oldest church building, 1752-61)

Several Art Galleries are located on Church St between Chalmers and Broad Streets and around the corner on Broad St (both sides of road). This area is known as The French Quarter.

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