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DHEC Procurement Services

The Department of Health and Environmental Control's Procurement Services Division is located at 301 Gervais St., Columbia, S.C. 29201-3073. Procurement Services may be reached at (803) 898-3501 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except for official holidays. Procurement Services' fax number is (803) 898-3505.

Solicitations & Awards

DHEC uses the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS) for its purchasing activities, including solicitations and awards. Solicitations and awards for DHEC, and other S.C. agencies and entities using SCEIS, can be found in the Contracting Opportunities area. You will also find South Carolina Business Opportunities, which advertises solicitations from all agencies with an expected value of $10,000 or greater.

Staff Phone Numbers and E-mail addresses



E-mail address

Tripp Clark, Director

(803) 898-3485

Juanita Shealy, CPPB, Quality Assurance

(803) 898-3483

Ashley Bishop, Systems & Training

(803) 898-3472

Complex Purchases Section

Matt Winslow, CPPB, Section Lead

(803) 898-3487

Amber Kerr

(803) 898-3484

Jennifer Magrone

(803) 898-3481

Becky Nichols

(803) 898-1262

Eric Pinckney

(803) 898-3482

Lisa Roland

(803) 898-0533

Margaret Woodson

(803) 898-3471

Lisa Roland

(803) 898-0533

Environmental Small Purchases Section

Cathy Creech, CPPBJulie Scott, Section Lead

(803) 898-3509

Ray Walden Torrey Golson

(803) 898-3503

Public Health Small Purchases Section

Charlotte Huggins, Section Lead

(803) 898-0517

Tina Brazell

(803) 898-3486

Torrey Golson

(803) 898-3469

Michael Gardner

(803) 898-0523

Sandra Porter

(803) 898-0314

Wayne Tesh, CPPB

(803) 898-1241


If you have any questions or comments about the information found on this page, please contact Tripp Clark.