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Nov. 29, 2012

World AIDS Day events planned

COLUMBIA, S.C. - World AIDS Day events are being observed throughout South Carolina, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control announced today.

"Nearly 15,000 people are known to be living with HIV/AIDS in South Carolina and DHEC estimates that one new HIV infection occurs in the state every nine hours," said Janet Tapp, director of DHEC's STD/HIV Division. "Every county in the state has residents living with HIV, but many South Carolinians remain unaware of their HIV status because they have not received an HIV test."

According to Tapp, DHEC encourages public health and private partnerships throughout S.C. to promote community support for HIV testing, prevention, care and treatment.

"We continue to partner closely with community-based organizations to deliver services to those most in need," Tapp said. "We are also working in partnership with hospital emergency departments and other health care settings to promote routine HIV testing for early diagnosis.

"Most people in the early stages of HIV infection have no symptoms," Tapp said. "Early diagnosis can link people to services that will help them stay healthy longer, benefit most from treatment, reduce costly hospital visits, and help prevent transmission to others."

For more information about World AIDS Day events, including local HIV testing sites, call DHEC's S.C. AIDS/STD Hotline at 1-800-322-AIDS (1-800-322-2437), or visit DHEC's website at:


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