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November 13, 2015

George W. McDaniel Receives 2014 South Carolina Environmental Awareness Award

Columbia, S.C. - The state of South Carolina announced today that George W. McDaniel, Ph.D. has been selected as the winner of the 2014 South Carolina Environmental Awareness Award.

"On behalf the award committee, we are proud to recognize George McDaniel as the 2014 South Carolina Environmental Awareness Award recipient," said Catherine Heigel, director of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. "His efforts to combine environmental conservation and historic preservation have played a meaningful role in the preservation of the Ashley River region. Thanks to George's dedication and tireless work throughout the past two decades, the Lowcountry and South Carolina will see a lasting positive impact for years to come."

McDaniel is the former executive director of Drayton Hall, a position he held for 26 years, and now serves as executive director emeritus. An 18th century plantation on the Ashley River, Drayton Hall is owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and managed by the Drayton Hall Preservation Trust. During his tenure as executive director, McDaniel created collaborative partnerships that positively influenced the integrity of the Ashley River region and ecosystems. In addition, he has been recognized as a local, state and national leader for his efforts in what is referred to as 'whole place preservation," the combination of environmental conservation and historic preservation.

"I am deeply honored by this award and want to thank all of those who have stepped up and have either led or followed, or both, in our efforts to preserve the Ashley River region," said McDaniel. "Across the state and nation, whether here at Drayton Hall, or Table Rock in the upstate, or at Mount Vernon in Virginia, the preservation of the environs of historic sites is a critical issue. By recognizing our work, I hope this award furthers all such efforts in "whole place preservation.."'

Of his many achievements during his tenure, McDaniel led efforts to have the Ashley River designated as a State Scenic River and helped to conserve the natural environment and habitat surrounding Drayton Hall and other historic sites along the river. McDaniel is a founding member of the Ashley Scenic River Advisory Council.

The S.C. Environmental Awareness Award was established by the S.C. General Assembly during the 1992 legislative session to recognize outstanding contributions made toward the protection, conservation, and improvement of South Carolina's natural resources.

Each year the public is invited to submit nominations that are reviewed by an awards committee. In judging nominees, the committee considers excellence in innovation, leadership and accomplishments that influence positive changes affecting the natural environment.

Members of the awards committee represent the S.C. Forestry Commission, S.C. Department of Natural Resources, S.C. Sea Grant Consortium and S.C. DHEC.

For pictures from the award ceremony earlier this week, click here


Cassandra Harris
Public Information Officer