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October 23, 2015

Take precautions against mosquitoes

COLUMBIA, S.C. - In the wake of recent flooding, residents are urged to take steps to reduce breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) advised today.

Check your property for any containers that could be holding rain or floodwater. It only takes as few as five days for water in containers as small as a bottle cap to become active breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Empty out any containers that are holding water (such as pool covers, boat covers, tires, pots, pet bowls, toys, etc.) and remove debris from gutters to help discourage a larger mosquito population from developing. Trim back thick shrubbery and overgrown grass on your property.

Remember to protect yourself when outdoors by wearing light-colored, long sleeves and pants. You might also want to wear insect repellant. The EPA has a web-based tool to help you find the proper insect repellent for your time spent outdoors:

For protection while indoors, repair any damaged or broken doors and screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering buildings.

If you notice a significant increase in the mosquito population in your area, please contact your local city or county's mosquito control program. If you live in a municipality that does not have a mosquito control program, you can contact a private operator to help you get control of a major mosquito problem.

Each of us can be proactive in reducing the mosquito population and preventing disease transmission by regularly eliminating breeding areas and standing water on our property.

For more information on mosquitoes and local mosquito control contact information in your area, please visit:


Jim Beasley
Public Information Director