Class A/B Online Operator Training

Training is facility specific so operators are not required to take all modules. To find out Which modules are required for a facility, please visit the UST Registry located on the main webpage. Enter the site number(s) one at a time for the Facilities the operator will be responsible for. The lines that are significant are:

  • Tank Protection
  • Pipe Protection
  • Overfill Type
  • Tank Leak Detects
  • Pipe Leak Detects
  • Tank Status

All operators must take the following modules:

  • Spill Prevention
  • Basic Corrosion Protection
  • Responding to Releases
  • How to Train Class C Operators
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Other Issues
  • Monthly Operation and Maintenance

Using the information found in the UST Registry, please take the additional modules below as they apply;

Overfill Prevention ( Overfill Type )

  • Ball Float Vent Valve(BFVV)
  • Drop Tube Shut Off Valve (DTSO)
  • Electronic Alarm (AL)

Cathodic Protection ( Tank Protection and/or Pipe Protection )

  • Impressed Current (IC)
  • Sacrificial Anode (SA)
  • Lined Steel (LS)

Tanks (Tank Lead Detects)

  • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG)
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
  • Interstitial Monitoring (IM)
  • Manual Tank Gauging (MTG)
  • Vapor Monitoring (VM)
  • Groundwater Monitoring (GW)

Lines (Pipe Leak Detects )

  • Mechanical Line Leak Detector (LLD)
  • Electronic Line Leak Detector (ELD)
  • Line Tightness Test (LTT)
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)
  • Interstitial Montioring (IM,SS)
  • Suction (AS,ES)