South Carolina Radon Test Kit Request Form

Please fill out this form to request a free radon test kit. It is important that this form be filled in completely and accurately. If the form is not properly completed, a kit cannot be sent to you. Test kits can only be supplied for homes located in South Carolina .

Please note: DHEC's Radon Program does not provide radon test kits for real estate transactions. Visit our website to download a copy of EPA's home buyers and sellers guide and/or to locate certified measurement professionals. Contact the Radon Program directly for additional guidance if needed.

The homeowner must request the kit. Requests cannot be made by friends or family members. Only one kit per household will be sent. If you believe you need more than one test kit, please contact the radon program directly.

If you have any questions regarding this form or the radon program, please contact us by phone (800) 768-0362 or email us at

NOTE: There is a limited quantity of free test kits. Check our website to confirm current availability. Requests can take two weeks or more to fill.

Test kits have an expiration date. For the most accurate results, review all the information enclosed with the kit and perform the test as soon as possible, taking care to follow the directions. Return the completed test kit promptly by mail.

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*Request Type:
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*Has your home been mitigated?
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*Was your home built with radon resistant new construction?
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Shipping Information:

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