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Air Quality Permitting Decisions

The Bureau of Air Quality permitting decisions below have generated public interest because of potential health and/or environmental impacts. The information found on this page can also be viewed at DHEC's Central office at 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201.

Permit decisions include one or more of the following documents:

  • Department Decision: Summary of decision
  • Final Determination: Determination of a project's Prevention of Significant Air Quality Deterioration (PSD) requirements and limits
  • Permit: Conditions for constructing and operating the facility
  • Statement of Basis: Summary of the project and its emissions, and explanation of regulatory applicability
  • Response to Comments: Department's written response to comments received during the public comment period
  • Transcript: Verbatim record of public hearing
  • Written Comments: Letters and e-mails received during public comment period

Additional documents or resources may also be included to provide specific information about the facility and/or its permitting decision process.

The procedure for appealing a permit decision before the Board of Health and Environmental Control is available here.

Title County Date Issued
South Carolina Electric & Gas Company – Cope Station Orangeburg


SCE&G – Cope Station (TV-1860-0044) is an electric utility steam generating plant comprised of: a single coal-fired utility boiler; one auxiliary boiler; ash and coal-handling system; storage tanks; and ancillary equipment. This facility was issued a Title V Operating Renewal Permit that incorporated a Title IV Acid Rain Renewal Permit.

Winnsboro Crushed Stone, LLC Fairfield


Winnsboro Crushed Stone, LLC (1000-0038-CA) is a new crushed stone processing plant that will consist of the following equipment: four crushers (primary, secondary, tertiary, and quarternary or fines); four material screens; twenty-three conveyors; ten storage piles; and a truck loading operation.

Santee Cooper Winyah Generating Station Georgetown


SCPSA – Santee Cooper Winyah Generating Station TV-1140-0005 consists of four coal-fired boilers and supporting equipment including coal handling and byproduct handling. This permit was issued a Title V Operating Renewal Permit that incorporated Title IV Acid Rain Permit.

SCE&G Wateree Station Richland


SCE&G Wateree Station TV-1900-0013 is a coal-fired electric utility steam generating station which consists of two pulverized coal-fired boilers, one fuel oil-fired auxiliary boiler, coal handling systems, fly ash handling systems, synfuel processing systems, a Carbon Burn Out (CBO) facility, and limestone handling and gypsum handling systems. This permit was issued a Title V Operating Renewal Permit that incorporated Title IV Acid Rain Permit.

Lee's Landing Mine Horry


Lee's Landing Mine TV-1340-0112 consists of an air curtain incinerator and wood piles for wood waste. The majority of the waste at the facility is land clearing waste. The air curtain incinerator (ACI) is permitted to only burn land clearing debris and untreated wood pallets. This facility is not permitted to burn yard waste. This permit was issued a Title V Operating Permit.

Tidewater Boats, LLC Lexington


Tidewater Boats, LLC TV-1560-0179 is a fiberglass boat manufacturer. The facility's boat operations include mold staging/preparation, gelcoat application, lay-up, demold/pull-out, cut-off/trimming/grinding, and final assembly. This permit was issued a Title V Operating Permit.

Asphalt Plants All Counties  07/15/13

General Conditional Major Operating Permit for Asphalt Plants, for purposes of this permit, are comprised as one or any combination of the following: Systems for drying aggregate; systems for screening, handling, storing, and weighing hot aggregate; systems for receiving, storing, and transferring virgin aggregate; systems for receiving, crushing, screening, storing and transferring non-virgin aggregate; systems for receiving, storing, and transferring asphalt cement; systems for mixing aggregate with asphalt cement; systems for the storing and dispensing of hot mix asphalt; asphalt cement and fuel storage tanks, auxiliary heaters (including hot oil heaters) with a heat input rate less than 10 million BTU/hr each; and associated emission control system or other sources as approved by DHEC. The facility is limited to hot mix asphaltic concrete production or other Department of Transportation approved methods as allowed in the permit. Use of other materials will require Department Approval. Soil remediation activities are not covered under this general permit.

Argos Cement, LLC Harleyville Cement Plant Dorchester 05/21/14

Argos Cement, LLC TV-0900-0004 is a Portland cement manufacturing facility. This permit was issued a Renewed Title V Operating Permit.

Piedmont Wood Pellet Johnston, LLC Edgefield 05/06/14

Piedmont Wood Pellet Johnston, LLC (0980-0047-CA) will operate a new wood pellet manufacturing facility. The facility will have a maximum production rate of 545,644 tons per year of wood pellets and process tress and convert them into pellets which will be shipped overseas and used as fuel.

Jones-Hamilton Company



Jones-Hamilton Company (0640-0069-CA) produces dry food grade sodium bisulfate acid from evaporated dry salt and liquid sulfuric acid. The facility will also produce liquid hydrochloric acid as a co-product.

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS)



Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort TV-0360-0004 supports flight operations and maintenance of assigned aircraft. The Air Station also provides services and materials to support all necessary operations of the Marine Aircraft Wing. This permit was issued a Renewed Title V Operating Permit.

FinnChem, USA Inc.



FinnChem USA, Inc. CM-1900-0172 produces Sodium Chlorate at a production capacity of 260 short tons per day. FinnChem, USA, Inc. CM-1900-0206 has two (2) separate processes 1- Coating and Curing and 2- Acid Etching. These permits were issued Renewed Conditional Major Operating Permit.

AVX Corporation



AVX Corporation produces electronic capacitors for various clients in the electronics industry. The facility was issued a Title V Operating Renewal Permit to continue to operate as a major source under the "Title V Operating Permit Program".

Klausner Holdings USA, Inc.



Klausner Holdings USA, Inc. (Klausner) is a lumber production facility. The facility will operate up to 8,760 hours per year and full scale operations will have a maximum annual production of 700 million board-feet per year.

Showa Denko Carbon, Inc.



Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. (Showa Denko) operates a graphite electrode manufacturing facility. The facility will be increasing production from 45,000 to 85,000 metric tons per year.

Additional facilities of public interest

If you would like information related to permitting decisions for other facilities not listed, please contact SCDHEC Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123.

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