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Guidance for Air Quality Permit Applicants

Tools/Understanding the Permitting Process

Construction Permits


Title V

  • Title V Annual Compliance Certification (TVACC)

  • Form DHEC 3650 (Rev.06/03)
  • Instructions for Completing Form DHEC 3650 (Rev. 06/03) (pdf)
  • Guidance Document for Form DHEC 3650 (Rev. 06/03) (pdf)
  • Example of Form DHEC 3650 (Rev. 06/03) (pdf)
  • TV Permit used for the Example (pdf)
  • Construction Permit used for the Example (pdf)
  • Certifying With The Revised TV Template (The links below show an example TVACC using a TV permit with the revised TV template.) Additional Air Quality Guidance

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