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On Sunday the 25th at 6pm EST, we’re performing scheduled maintenance. We anticipate this planned outage will take between 2 and 4 hours.
DHEC has a new number for appointments at local health departments.
Please call 1-855-4-SCDHEC (1-855-472-3432).

For linkage and re-engagement services or for persons living with HIV/AIDS moving out of state, please call the:

STD/HIV Hotline: 1-803-898-9275 or 1-800-322-AIDS (2437)

Effective Interventions

The goal of the TRICE Program is to ensure a seamless and rapid transition to HIV medical services for persons that are HIV positive. People living with HIV/AIDS who have not received services from an HIV medical provider in 9 months or more are deemed not in care by TRICE definition. The TRICE program’s mission is to get persons back into care by:

  • Reaching out to not in care clients
  • Assisting with gaining HIV medical services
  • Referrals to behavioral and community resources
  • Medication adherence activities/interventions
  • Short-term support for health care visits

The DTC program uses the Antiretroviral Treatment and Access to Services (ARTAS) Intervention. ARTAS is an individual-level, multi-session, time-limited intervention with the goal of linking recently diagnosed persons with HIV to HIV medical care soon after receiving a positive test result. DHEC also uses the ARTAS intervention for re-engagement services. To learn more about ARTAS, refer to the following link

Find HIV medical providers in your area.