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Hurricane Matthew Response Efforts

If you have questions about Hurricane Matthew or need assistance, please call the state's emergency hotline at 866-246-0133 or visit

In response to Hurricane Matthew, DHEC staff continues to actively assess and respond to ongoing public health and environmental needs across the state. For important information on steps you can take, please visit our hurricane preparedness page.

Latest Updates

Below is an update on DHEC's ongoing response and recovery efforts (as of 8:00 a.m. on 11/01/2016):

Boil Water Advisories:

As of 11:00 a.m. on Oct. 14, 2016, no boil water advisories or notices or still in effect as reported to DHEC.

Private Wells:

If you have questions or concerns regarding the quality of your private/residential well water, you can call the toll free telephone number 1-888-761-5989.  If you are concerned about the potential for coliform bacteria in your well water, DHEC has sampling kits available.  The sampling kits for private wells can be obtained from over 60 DHEC locations across the state and local Health Departments. Visit DHEC Locations to find contact information for the nearest location to you.

If you have additional questions about private/residential wells, please visit our Residential Wells webpage for more information.

Special Medical Needs Shelters:

DHEC is operated Special Medical Needs Shelters to provide shelter for people whose medical conditions exceed the capabilities of the Red Cross shelters, but are not severe enough to require a hospital stay. We do not provide health care services in these shelters. As of 11/01/2016, all emergency shelters are now closed.


If you have a concern about a dam that may have been impacted by the storm, please call DHEC at (803) 898-4312.

DHEC and the Army Corps of Engineers had evaluated 467 dams in areas impacted by the storm. There are 25 confirmed breached dams (20 regulated, 5 unregulated).

Additionally, DHEC has issued emergency orders for 11 dams that were severely damaged by the storm but have not breached.

Coastal Resources:

DHEC has deployed staff to conduct initial damage assessments, which will focus on habitable structures, pools and erosion control structures along beachfronts.

Click here for information on our coastal assessment and recovery efforts, including information on emergency orders and general permits.

Previous Updates:

Hurricane Related Notices

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