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Why recover carpet?

Carpet recycling is both good for the environment and the economy – saving natural resources and landfill space as well as creating jobs.

Carpet recovery is good business.

South Carolina is a leader for carpet recycling in the Southeast – with several hundred million pounds of carpet recycling capacity. The S.C. Carpet Recovery Coalition (CRC) was established in 2013 to help increase carpet recycling and encourage post-consumer carpet recycling by cities, counties and businesses.

We can do more.

Do your part as a local government, business, retailer, and installer: offer carpet recycling to residents and customers.In addition, as a consumer, request carpet recycling.

  • Consumers – Ask your retailer for a rip and recycle clause in your contract.
  • Retailers – Require installers to have the carpet recycled and/or offer carpet collection at your facility.
  • Installers – Take post-consumer carpet to a place that collects carpet for recycling.
  • Local Government – Establish a carpet collection program.
  • Recycling Businesses – Help the state develop the carpet collection infrastructure.

SC Carpet Recovery Statistics

Did you know… SC Carpet Recovery Statistics

  • Jobs: 1,280 in South Carolina related to carpet recycling
  • 4,533,500 pounds of carpet was collected in South Carolina for recycling in FY14
  • 2,737,500 pounds of carpet padding was collected in South Carolina for recycling in FY14
  • 534 million pounds of gross collected post-consumer carpet in 2013
  • 197 million pounds of post-consumer carpet was recycled in 2013
Sources – Carpet Recovery Coalition 2013 Survey, FY14 S.C. Solid Waste Management Annual Report, CARE 2013 Annual Report