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Drug Control

Registration Applications & Forms

Please do not use the applications on this website in order to renew an existing registration. It will not be processed. Please call our office at 803-896-0635 to request a renewal application.


  • DHEC – Contact our office at 803-896-0635 to request a duplicate renewal application.

All registrations are renewed annually.

Renewal applications for MD’s and DO’s are mailed during the third week of July and must be renewed prior to October 1. 

Renewal applications for all other registrants are mailed during the third week of January and must be renewed prior to April 1.  


New Applications

  • DHEC 1174A – New application for Pharmacy, Practitioner (including APRN & PA-C), Health Clinic, EMS/Rescue Squad, Animal Control/Shelter, and Humane Society
  • DHEC 1026 – New application for Non-Practitioner Controlled Substances Application
  • DHEC 1198 – Narcotic Treatment Program

DHEC 1174A - Instructions for New Applications

Indicate your South Carolina professional address and telephone number in the spaces provided.  You must attach a copy of your South Carolina professional license (Limited, Temporary or Permanent), or a copy of the letter from the South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation stating your licensure. Physician Assistants please click on the "Registration" tab for further instructions about submitting this application.   Applications cannot be processed without licensure verification.

Business activities listed below require the signature of the following as the applicant:

  • Animal Control/Shelter/Humane Society – Director or appropriate government official
  • EMS/Rescue Squad – Medical Control Physician
  • Health Clinic – Medical Director

Federal Fee Exempt Registration

Practitioners, who are based on military installations, or Federal hospital facilities, providing health care on behalf of the Federal government, who issue prescriptions for controlled substances which are to be dispensed from non-governmental pharmacies or dispensaries, shall register with DHEC prior to issuing such prescriptions. These practitioners who register annually with DHEC are granted an exemption to the fee requirement, provided that the request for exemption to the fee requirement is filed in writing, on Federal agency letterhead, with the Bureau of Drug Control Director. The written request must contain a military picture ID of the requestor, as well as documentation of the name and location of the military installation or hospital facility where the practitioner is located.

If any official exempted by this section also engages as a private individual in any activity or group of activities for which registration is required, such official shall obtain a “Fee Paid” registration for such private activities.

DHEC 1026 – New Application for Canine Registration

The Sheriff or Chief of the law enforcement agency will need to sign the application as the applicant/authorized individual responsible for the registration.  When you return the application, please provide a written protocol for the continued training of the dog.

The protocol should include the following:

  1. The canine handler's name(s), qualifications and training experience.
  2. The purpose of the training.
  3. A list of the drugs and the estimated quantities needed for the training.
  4. Where the training will be conducted and how the drugs will be packaged during the training.
  5. Security and storage of the drugs when they are not being used.
  6. Names of the employees that will have access to the drugs.

When we receive the application and written protocol, an inspector from this office will contact you to schedule an inspection, prior to issuance of the registration.

DHEC 1026 – New Application for a Researcher Registration

Applicants are required to submit a research protocol along with their curriculum vitae  when submitting their application.  Upon receipt of the application, protocol and vitae, one of our inspectors will contact you to arrange a pre-inspection.

DHEC 1026 – New Application for a Hospital, Manufacturer, Distributor, Importer, Exporter Registration

Hospitals, Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers and Exporters should obtain the required permits from the SC Board of Pharmacy prior to applying for the SC Controlled Substances registration.  You must attach a copy of your SC Pharmacy permit to your SC Controlled Substances application.

DHEC 1198 – New Application for Narcotic Treatment Program

A practitioner who wants to use Schedule II narcotic drugs for maintenance and/or detoxification must obtain a separate registration from DHEC and DEA as a Narcotic Treatment Program pursuant to the Narcotic Addict Treatment Act of 1974. This registration allows a practitioner to administer or dispense, but not prescribe, scheduled narcotic drugs that are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of narcotic addiction

For additional information, contact: (803) 896-0636 Fax (803) 896-0627