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About DHEC
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DHEC Organization

DHEC is a non-Cabinet agency whose operations are overseen by a Board. The DHEC Board has seven members, six of whom are selected from the State's respective congressional districts and one of whom is an at-large member. Each Board member is appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate.

The agency's Director is the executive head of the agency and manages its day to day operations. The Board appoints DHEC's Director, and the State Senate must confirm the appointment. The Director serves for a term of four years.

DHEC is comprised of five deputy areas: Administration, Environmental Quality Control (EQC), Health Regulation, Health Services, and Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM).

View DHEC's organizational chart (pdf).

Central and Regional Offices

The Central Office of DHEC is organized by program or service areas. Each of these is headed by a Deputy Commissioner or the Chief of Staff. The actions and functions found in the Central Office are in the areas of program planning, management and evaluation.

The Central Office Health Services area establishes the administrative and organizational means by which health policies, programs and services are implemented in the communities of our State. Each Health Region has several county public health departments under its jurisdiction. It is in the county public health departments where much of the direct health care is administered to the citizens of South Carolina.

Regulatory activities, such as Drug Control and Environmental Health, have state-wide responsibilities but function from the Central Office. EQC is headquartered in Central Office and represented in eight regions, each led by a Regional Director. OCRM is centered in Charleston and has satellite offices in Myrtle Beach and Beaufort.

Map showing the DHEC regional areas across South Carolina.