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About DHEC

Plans & Reports

  • Accountability Report (pdf) - All state agencies are required to submit this annual report to the governor and state legislature. It highlights agency accomplishments, goals, challenges, and key organizational details. It also answers questions on leadership, strategy, customer service, processes, workforce, use of information, and results, all part of a quality improvement process called the Malcolm Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence.
  • Annual Report - DHEC’s Healthy People Living in Healthy Communities examines the agency’s progress toward meeting the goals defined in the agency’s long term Strategic Plan (below). It features brief narratives on dozens of DHEC programs, large and small, and illustrates how their efforts are helping our state confront critical public health and environmental challenges.
  • DHEC Reports to S.C. Legislature - This S.C. Legislature webpage outlines required status updates from a variety of DHEC programs and initiatives.
  • Fees and Fines - These documents show the amount of money DHEC collected in fees and fines during the most recent fiscal year (July 1-June 30), why the money was collected, where it went, and which laws authorized collection, transfer and use of the funds.
  • State Health Plan (2010-2011) (pdf) - A governor-appointed committee of citizens, healthcare providers and insurers work with DHEC staff to assess the need for medical facilities and services throughout the state. Their report is used by DHEC staff and board members to evaluate Certificate of Need applications from businesses wanting to build certain types of healthcare facilities in the state.
  • Strategic Plan (2005-2010) - DHEC's road map, its long-term plan, defines the agency's top priorities and goals and discusses the pressing state health and environmental needs that justify the choices. The plan describes how DHEC hopes to reach its strategic goals, and when, and how results will be measured. DHEC's leaders look to the Strategic Plan when deciding how to allocate limited funds, staff and other resources. Over the past two years, the agency has taken significant budget cuts that have affected long-range planning due to loss of staff and operating funds.