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About DHEC

Regulatory Review Task Force

Read the full DHEC Regulatory Review Final Report

On February 12, 2013, Governor Nikki Haley issued an order establishing a Regulatory Review Task Force. She directed all cabinet agencies to review all current and proposed statutes, rules, regulations, and policies to:

  • Assess their effects on South Carolina's economy
  • Determine whether their costs to businesses and employers outweigh their intended benefits.

As part of its regulatory review, DHEC invited the public to submit comments on all current and proposed statutes, rules, regulations, and policies promulgated or implemented by DHEC. Comments could be submitted in writing (via electronic mail or postal service) and in person at 4 public hearings held across the state in March 2013.

We received more than 150 comments from a variety of interested persons and entities on a number of regulations, statutes, policies and pending legislative actions.

In light of the comments received, our staff analyzed regulations, statutes, and policies using the factors outlined in the governor's order to determine whether costs to businesses and employers outweighed each requirement's intended benefit. (We did not, however, review emergency regulations, regulations promulgated to comply with federal law, or policies for which no comments were received as part of this effort. These areas will be addressed in the more comprehensive, statutorily required Five-Year Review.)

Our Recommendations

As a result of our review, we have recommended:

  • Amendment or repeal of 25 regulations. To the extent it is authorized, our agency intends to pursue the recommended regulatory changes while not compromising our mission to protect human health and the environment.
  • That the Task Force consider pursuing amendment or repeal of 2 statutes.

DHEC's recommendations and the opinions contained in the report are based on the results of the review process outlined in the governor's order including review of public comments and staff assessments. Any change to regulation must proceed through the appropriate regulatory promulgation and legislative approval process as provided by law. Through this process, issues may be raised that have not been considered in DHEC’s recommendations, ultimately resulting in no or different changes to the regulation. Unless and until any regulatory requirement is changed, DHEC must and will continue to implement and enforce regulatory requirements in the current law.