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Vital Records Services

ID Requirements

A valid/current government, school or employer issued photo identification document of applicant is required before a search of the records will be conducted. Requests that do not contain proper identification will be returned unprocessed. Acceptable documents are:

  • Any United States’ Department of Motor Vehicles office-issued picture identification i.e. driver’s license, Identification card, learner’s permit (unexpired)
  • Current school or employer picture identification card
  • Military card (unexpired – active duty or retired member)
  • United States passport (unexpired)
  • Foreign passport (unexpired)
  • Re-entry permit (l-327 – unexpired)
  • Refuge travel document (form l-571 – unexpired)
  • United States citizen identification card (form l-197)
  • Temporary resident card (form l-688 – unexpired)
  • Permanent resident card (form l-551 – unexpired)
  • Weapon or gun permit issued by federal, state or municipal government (unexpired)

Identity Theft and Vital Records

Vital records, such as certificates of birth and death, are legal government-issued documents. While most requests for vital records are honest attempts to acquire one's own personal documentation, some are not; some are attempts to co-opt someone else's name.

Appropriating someone else's information and obtaining these legal documents fraudulently is a crime and can lead to a multitude of illegal activities. Using the documents to falsely identify one's self can lead to the issuance of a driver's license and a social security number, opening avenues to:

  • credit card fraud;
  • bank fraud;
  • mail theft;
  • tax fraud;
  • social security/insurance fraud; and
  • illegally obtaining a passport.

The Vital Records office staff wants to protect you and your family from this type of crime by authenticating claims of identity. That is why we require a photocopy of a valid government, school, or employer issued photo identification before we can issue these records.

For additional information, contact Vital Records.