Air Dispersion Modeling Data

Pre-processed, NWS Meteorological Data Sets, 2002-06 ( For use in AERMOD in South Carolina)

The state has been divided into 12 areas such that the meteorological station/data assigned to each area is deemed by DHEC's Bureau of Air Quality (BAQ) to be the most representative, in general, for AERMOD modeling purposes for that area and should be used as the default data for a given area. (Note: these area-station associations supersede those in Table 5.1 - page 36 - in "Air Quality Modeling Guidelines" of July 2001.) Please contact BAQ with any questions/issues or unusual circumstances. For PSD permit modeling, choice of meteorological data should be discussed with BAQ prior to modeling.

Important Note (January 23, 2017)

The meteorological data sets were updated on January 23, 2017. They were processed with AERMET version 16216 and are still based on 2002-06 surface and upper air observations. The data sets should be used for all non-Prevention of Significant Deterioration (non-PSD) AERMOD modeling conducted after January 23, 2017. Applicants performing modeling for a PSD permit should contact John Glass (803-898-4074) to discuss the AERMET files that should be used for that modeling.

1 - north of 33.74°N
2 - south of 33.74°N
3 - north of 34.6°N
4 - south of 34.6°N
5 - north of 33.8°N
6 - south of 33.8°N

Disclaimer: The meteorological (AERMET) data provided by BAQ is solely intended to be used for regulatory AERMOD modeling analyses for sources located in South Carolina ONLY. Please be mindful that these data sets are subject to change based on pending comments and guidance from EPA. Please contact BAQ modeling section manager at (803) 898-4074 should you have any questions about the use of these data sets.

Digital Terrain Data: National Elevation Dataset (NED) for use with AERMOD

Note: DHEC requires the use of NED
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) not acceptable

This NED data covering South Carolina was obtained from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) . They are made available here for use with regulatory AERMOD modeling analyses for sources located in South Carolina. The data is in county divisions at 1 arc-second (approximately 30-meter) horizontal resolution in GeoTIFF format.
Please note that these data sources may occasionally be updated by USGS. The NED data sources on this webpage were last updated on July 20, 2017 . If you have questions about these data sources, please contact the BAQ modeling section manager at (803) 898-4074.
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