Edisto Basin Watershed

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The Edisto River Basin (hydrologic units 03050203, 03050204, 03050205, 03050206) is located in Lexington, Aiken, Orangeburg, Calhoun, Edgefield, Saluda, Barnwell, Bamberg, Dorchester, Colleton, and Charleston Counties, and encompasses 3,151 square miles that extend across the Sandhills, Upper and Lower Coastal Plains and Coastal Zone regions of South Carolina. The Edisto River Basin encompasses 13 watersheds and some 2 million acres of which 37.5% is forested land, 34.3% is agricultural land, 17.9% is forested wetland, 5.5% is urban land, 2.8% is nonforested wetland, 1.8% is water, and 0.2% is barren land. The urban land percentage is comprised chiefly of the City of Orangeburg and a portion of the City of Aiken. There are a total of 5,177.3 stream miles, 11,488.8 acres of lake waters, and 20,614.9 acres of estuarine areas in the Edisto River Basin. The confluence of Chinquapin Creek and Lightwood Knot Creek form the North Fork Edisto River, which is joined downstream by Black Creek, Bull Swamp Creek, and Caw Caw Swamp.

map of Edisto River Basin The South Fork Edisto River accepts drainage from Shaw Creek, Dean Swamp Creek, Goodland Creek, and Roberts Swamp before merging with the North Fork Edisto River to form the Edisto River. Downstream from the confluence, the Edisto River is joined by Cattle Creek, Indian Field Swamp, and Four Hole Swamp. Prior to joining the Edisto River, Four Hole Swamp accepts drainage from Cow Castle Creek, Providence Swamp, Horse Range Swamp, and Dean Swamp. Downstream from Four Hole Swamp, the Dawho River enters the Edisto River, and their confluence forms the South Edisto River. The Dawho River also merges with the Wadmalaw River to form the North Edisto River. Both the South Edisto and North Edisto Rivers drain to the Atlantic Ocean.

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