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Compliance Assistance (Compass)

This site is intended to lead you to the information necessary to help you understand the regulations and how to be in compliance with their requirements. Here you will find links, or shortcuts, to specific areas within the Environmental Quality Control (EQC) portion of this website. The links and shortcuts will connect you to useful information such as: forms and instructions, contacts, training opportunities, outreach, on-site technical assistance, financial assistance, and much more. Below is the Agency’s definition of compliance assistance:

"Compliance Assistance" means activities, tools, or technical assistance services that provide clear and consistent information to help individuals, business, industry and government understand and meet, or surpass, their environmental obligations. DHEC partners with other providers of assistance to develop and deliver compliance assistance.

Compliance Assistance activities may include:

  • On-site assistance
  • Workshops, conferences and training
  • Telephone assistance
  • Booklets, fact sheets and brochures
  • Web-based information
  • Special mailings
  • Information on financial assistance

Compliance Assistance is a part of DHEC's commitment to customer service, and is part of a continuum of activities that includes public education and outreach, permitting, compliance, and enforcement. The compliance assistance process is not intended to delay a timely and appropriate return to compliance by a regulated entity.

"Compliance Incentive" means activities and programs that encourage or reward facilities for voluntary efforts to improve environmental performance or to go "beyond compliance" through the use of pollution prevention, environmental management practices, and innovative technologies.

"Compliance Assurance" is the means by which it is determined whether regulated entities are in compliance with environmental requirements. Compliance assurance activities include inspections, sampling, testing, continuous monitoring, reporting and recordkeeping.


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