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Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

Environmental Liaisons

Understanding the complexities of health and environmental issues can be a frustrating and time-consuming task for businesses, industries, cities, counties, towns and residents. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's five environmental liaisons are devoted to providing for your special needs. 
Environmental Activities and Health Risks
Environmental Permits
Carl Richardson photo Carl Richardson, P.E., DHEC's environmental permitting liaison, is responsible for assisting in the coordination of the permits that businesses and industries need from DHEC's environmental programs and serves as the primary contact for the regulated community. Carl can be reached at (803) 898-1251, or via e-mail at
Federal Facilities
Shelly Wilson photo Shelly Wilson is DHEC's Federal Facilities Liaison. She is responsible for coordinating activities involving federal facilities and is the primary contact for the Department of Energy, Department of Defense and other interested parties on cleanup, permitting, and compliance issues. She may be reached by calling (803) 898-3138, or by e-mail at
Freedom of Information
Karla Mew serves as the contact for the regulated community, community groups and citizens regarding concerns and questions on agency policies and regulations. She is also the director of the agency's Freedom of Information Center. She may be reached by calling (803) 898-3882, or by e-mail at
Small Business Environmental Assistance
Photograph of Phyllis Copeland, S.C. DHEC Small Business Assistance Liason Phyllis T. Copeland is the state's Small Business Ombudsman. She serves as advocate for small businesses, providing referrals to appropriate technical staff, outreach on regulations, and resolving small business problems. She may be reached by calling (803) 898-0415 or (800) 819-9001, or by e-mail at For additional information, visit our Small Business Environmental Assistance Program.