Sawmill Operation

Sawmill Operation

A sawmill is where logs (greenwood) are cut into lumber. The process may consist of any of the following: debarking, decking, sawing, planing, edging, rimming, drying, loading of lumber and wood residue, wood preserving, and all associated equipment such as cyclones, baghouses, engines, tanks, and other department approved sources and activities. The process may also include surface finishing of woods and all associated finishing materials and control devices such as paint booth filters, cartridges, etc.

General Permit Eligibility Criteria:

  • Sources can only be fired on natural gas, propane, virgin No. 2 fuel oil, virgin diesel, clean untreated wood, Biodiesel, and other department approved fuels. The use of any non-specification oil, hazardous waste, or any other waste chemical as a fuel or any addition of these items to the fuel shall not be allowed. External combustion sources shall be fired on 0.5 wt% or less sulfur content diesel/No. 2 fuel oil.
  • All non-road diesel engines are fired on low sulfur (500 ppm or less) diesel and are certified by the manufacturer to meet EPA's non-road diesel engine emission standards/tiers (40 CFR 89 and 1039).
  • The maximum size for a single internal combustion source burning diesel is limited to 500 hp mechanical power output and a displacement of <10 liters per cylinder.
  • The maximum size for a single stationary external combustion source is limited to less than 100 million BTU/hr heat input capacity.


Copy of the Permit:

**Note that this copy of the permit is provided for use by facilities that have requested and already been granted coverage by the Bureau. Download and use of this permit does not constitute coverage.**

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