Registration Permits

Advantages to Registration Permits

  • Simplified application and permit issuance process
  • Standardized permit conditions providing consistency across industry sectors
  • Dual permitting process - construction and operating permit combined
  • No construction permit professional engineer (P.E.) signature required
  • Flexibility to construct or modify equipment without a construction permit
  • Pre-determined eligibility criteria
  • Sources are considered to be true minor source facilities

Below is a list of the Bureau of Air Quality's current registration permits:

  • Auto Body Refinishing Shop
  • Cotton Ginning Operations - any facility or plant that separates cotton lint from cotton seed. This process typically includes cleaning (removing plant material, dirt and other foreign matter) and packaging the lint into bales.
  • Crematory Operations - covers crematories used to process human or animal remains (does not cover incinerators located at an agricultural facility used solely for agricultural cremation.)
  • Fuel Combustion Operations - covers facilities that have boilers and non-emergency generators/engines.
  • Sawmill Operation - covers facilities where logs (green wood) are cut into lumber (timber).
  • Wood Working Operations - covers operations that generate small wood waste particles (shavings, sanderdust, sawdust, etc.) by mechanically manipulating wood or wood byproducts.

For more information please contact your permit writer or Air's Permitting Division


Environment Registration Permits