Emissions Inventory Reporting

Revised Regulation 61-62.1, Section III - Emissions Inventory (pdf) (Effective 8/25/2017)
Note: Emissions from nonfugitive and fugitive sources (excluding vehicle engine emissions) are to be used when determining a facility's "Inventory Source Type" and when reporting a facility's emissions to comply with this Regulation.

Do I need to do an Emissions Inventory? (pdf)

Web Satellite i-STEPS

The Emissions Inventory Electronic Reporting Tool is in the process of being replaced. If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Chris Cheatham at (803) 898-3827 or Chad Wilbanks at (803) 898-4106.

Emission Inventory Point Source Data Report (pdf)
Do not forget to include emission estimates from Insignificant Activities whose emissions have not previously reported in a past emissions inventory.

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