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Air Quality

Charleston Neck Area Air Monitoring Study

The 'Neck' area of North Charleston has a mix of residential communities and industry. The local air quality impacts of land use in this area are compounded by the narrow part of the Charleston peninsula (in places only 1.5 miles wide) and the roughly 80,000 vehicles that travel Interstate 26 each day. The planned redevelopment of the old Naval Base, and in particular the planned port expansion, has raised community concerns about current and future air quality in the area.

The primary impact on air quality related to the port expansion is expected to be fine particle exposure of residents in the existing neighborhoods. There is some concern that the current Charleston air monitoring does not adequately represent the Neck area and its concentration of industry, port activity and traffic.

In cooperation with local communities, DHEC is conducting a study to help determine the best location for a air quality monitoring site to represent the area's air quality before, during and after the expected changes in the area.

The first samples for the study were collected in August 2008. Information about the air quality history, the study design and periodic updates of the study progress will be posted on this site.

For general information on air quality in your area, please call Mark Hiott at the DHEC Regional Office in Charleston at (843) 953-0150.

For more information about air monitoring please contact Scott Reynolds in Columbia at (803) 896-0903.

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.