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Air Quality

Air Pollutants - Particulate Matter (PM) - Standards & Requirements

Nonattainment Boundaries and Designations

South Carolina does not have any nonattainment areas for any of the PM standards.

The Clean Air Act requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to identify areas in each state using these three designations:

  • Attainment - area meets a National Ambient Air Quality Standard (standard)
  • Nonattainment - area does not meet (or is contributing to nearby areas in not meeting) a standard
  • Unclassifiable - there is not enough data to designate the area under a new or revised standard

EPA sets boundaries for areas designated nonattainment and unclassifiable based on recommendations from the states. States use ambient air monitoring networks, emissions inventories, EPA guidance, and other relevant information to make these recommendations. Furthermore, states and EPA request public input during the process.

See EPA's website for a list or maps of nonattainment areas, and an overview of the designation process.

South Carolina Recommendations for 2012 PM2.5 Boundary Designations

South Carolina Recommendations for 2006 PM2.5 Boundary Designations

South Carolina Recommendations for the 1997 PM2.5 and PM10 Boundary Designations

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.