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Air Quality

Construction Applications Page

Listed below are useful tools in assisting you in completing a complete construction permit application. Check back often for additional information.

Air Permitting - Construction Applications*

For sources requesting to install new or modify existing equipment. Forms D-2566 through D-2570 and any information required by these forms or instructions should be included in order for a construction permit application to be complete.

Previous application forms will no longer be accepted.
Form Name DHEC
Form #
Facility Information (Instructions) - Identifies the facility, verify the physical address of the facility, identify the primary products or services provided by the facility, and establish the permit contact, and Owner or Operator for the facility. D-2566 -
Equipment / Processes (Instructions) - Identifies the equipment and processes that will be added, removed or modified at the facility, including the size and type along with the make and model, and any associated control devices and/or emission points. D-2567 -
Control Devices (Instructions) - Describes all of the control devices for the various equipment and processes and the associated emission points. D-2568 -
Emissions (Instructions) - Provides before and after emissions and a "Summary of Projected Change in Facility Wide Potential Emissions" calculated at maximum design capacity. D-2569 -
Regulatory Review (Instructions) - Provides a complete regulatory review of all applicable and non-applicable state and federal regulations. D-2570 -
Application Revision Request (Instructions) - Identifies the Construction Permit Application Forms that have been amended which are being resubmitted for review of the proposed revision to the original construction permit. D-2571 -
Start of Construction Notification (Instructions) - Identifies all of the equipment and control devices, as listed in the original construction permit, for which construction has started. D-2572 -
Modeling Information (Instructions) - Provides Source (Stack) Dispersion Parameters for any new sources (stacks) or any revised sources (stacks). D-2573 -
Expedited Review Program SOP - Air Quality Construction Permits - 
Protocol and procedures for submitting an expedited construction permit under the Expedited Review Program.
- -
Expedited Review Request Form - Air Quality Construction Permits
(Instructions) -  Request for submittal of construction applications into the Expedited Review Program
D-2212 -
* Beginning January 1, 2011, all construction permit applications will have to address greenhouse gas emissions and tailoring rule applicability.
For more detailed information about the construction forms or Expedited Review Program, please contact Alyson Hayes at (803) 898-3836.

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.