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Charleston County

Below you can view the participating schools and their current idling data. Each school year, we ask each school to submit at least three sets of data. The Baseline represents the initial counts for the school year, while the Final shows the last one. The difference between the baseline and final percentages represents your hard work promoting anti-idling at your school!

Click on the school's name to look at previous years' data and highlights information.

School Name School
Idling %
Idling %
2012-2013 Baseline 16.7 NA
Final 11.11 NA
2012-2013 Baseline 16.7 100
Final * *

Daniel Island Academy implemented the Breathe Better (B2) project educating staff, students and parents on the negative health and environmental impact of vehicle idling. The school takes pride in encouraging their teachers to attend training and educational workshops, and sharing innovative ideas that engage and educate their children in the classroom.

Daniel Island Academy has successfully:

  • Adopted and promoted a no idling policy (See handbook)
  • Posted no idling signage on campus
  • Encouraged families to use alternative forms of transportation such as bicycles, golf carts and walking
  • Increased awareness about anti-idling and its negative impact on the health of children and the environment
  • Leadership and Energy in Environmental Design (LEED) members prepared and presented information on anti-idling initiative:
    • Educated staff and identified expectations
    • Prepared handout materials to be shared with staff and families
    • Each classroom created a poster with important facts about vehicle idling
  • Promoted B2 campaign at its Fall Festival:
    • Established an information booth
    • Distributed educational materials and car decals
    • Displayed student art projects and posters with creative slogans which included:
      • “Ladies and Gentlemen, stop your engines!”
      • “Kids breathe here!”
      • “The key to breathing better starts with turning off your engines!”

Congratulations to Daniel Island Academy as the recipient of the 2012 Spare the Air Outstanding School Award!

* indicates no information submitted for this period

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For more information on B2, please contact Debra Briggs-Monroe or by phone at (803) 898-3752.

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.