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Air Quality

Permitting, Compliance, and Reporting

In South Carolina, DHEC's Bureau of Air Quality (BAQ) issues construction and operating permits to industrial sources that use or store a material with a potential to emit air pollutants into the air we breathe. These permits are required by Federal and State laws and regulations.

These permits contain emission limits and the methods required to show compliance with the limits of air pollutants. This often includes regularly scheduled reporting of the amount of air pollutants that are emitted and quantities of materials that are used, produced, or stored. DHEC Environmental Quality Control staff inspect permitted facilities to assess compliance with air permit conditions. If the permit conditions are not met, State and Federal laws and regulations can require penalties in the form of fines, the installation of additional pollution control devices, and (in severe cases) suspension of permits and facility shut-downs. Most importantly, industrial sources are required to come into compliance with the permit conditions with any continued operation.

The links below can provide information to assist permitted facilities with:

  • applying, updating, or renewing their permit,
  • staying in compliance with their permit requirements,
  • submitting emission reports and records, or
  • becoming aware of any changes to regulations, programs, or policies.

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.