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Environmental Surveillance Oversight Program (ESOP)

Critical Pathway and Radiological Dose Assessment

The Environmental Surveillance and Oversight Program (ESOP) of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) monitors the SRS and perimeter areas under an Agreement in Principle with the DOE. SCDHEC uses data from these monitoring activities to calculate the potential radiation dose to the surrounding public. SCDHEC implemented a Radionuclide Dose Calculation Project and a Critical Pathway Project to calculate the potential exposure or dose to the public within 50-miles of an SRS center-point. These two projects were combined into one report starting in 2007. Radionuclide dose or potential exposure to the public was calculated from radionuclide concentration activities found in various media that may impact the public. A comparison of similar SCDHEC and DOE-SR media resulted in an evaluation of both environmental programs based on averages and standard deviations. Each year SCDHEC reviews the different inhalation, ingestion, and external exposure pathways that may result in a dose to the public. This identifies the possible pathways and radionuclides that are contributing exposure to the public and the environment based on different lifestyle scenarios.

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