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Environmental Surveillance Oversight Program (ESOP)

Non-Radiological Monitoring of Surface Water

    Image of a person collecting a water sample

Surface water samples are collected once a month from each of eight routine surface water locations. Samples are analyzed for elements such as pH, conductivity, turbidity, biochemical oxygen demand, fecal coliform, nitrate/nitrite, and volatile organic compounds. Sediment samples, collected on an annual basis, are analyzed for pesticides, VOC's, nutrients and metals.

ESOP will continue the nonradiological independent monitoring and surveillance of SRS surface water to verify and validate water quality. Continued monitoring is required because of increased land disturbance from accelerated clean-up, new facility construction, logging, and new missions. The locations, numbers of samples, sample frequencies and monitoring parameters are reviewed and modified annually to maximize available resources and address SRS mission changes.

For additional information, contact: (803) 642-1637