319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grants

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's Nonpoint Source Program is requesting proposals for potential 319 grant projects that will reduce nonpoint source water pollution in South Carolina waterbodies. This year the request for proposals has two distinct types of projects that may receive funding:

​​ Part 1. Up to approximately $1,900,000 for Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Control Projects that implement Watershed-based Plans. Projects must be designed to achieve measurable water quality improvements and implement an approved watershed based plan.

Part 2. Up to approximately $80,000 to Develop Watershed-Based Plans , as defined by current federal 319 grant guidance.

This solicitation is a two phased process that requires all applicants to submit an initial pre-proposal that identifies and describes the key project elements. Applicants that have proposals deemed to be eligible for funding will then be invited to submit a full project application. All potential applicants can request an application package by contacting the NPS Coordinator.

South Carolina public organizations such as state agencies, local governments, public universities, soil and water conservation districts, regional planning commissions, watershed organizations and nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive NPS 319 grants. NPS Grants will be funded with monies provided to SCDHEC by EPA under the Federal Clean Water Act, Section 319(h).

No maximum funding amount is specified in this solicitation for a proposal. SCDHEC also reserves the right to (1) make no awards following this solicitation, (2) reject all proposals, or (3) to reject proposals which, in the judgment of NPS staff, fail to reasonably meet requirements of the RFP.​

All required information is provided through the links below. For additional information please contact the NPS Coordinator, Delaney Faircloth at 803-898-1984 or fairclds@dhec.sc.gov.