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Food Safety for Industry

Overuse of Antibiotics a Danger

Antibiotics Overuse in CattleOveruse of antibiotics in humans and in animals raised for food is becoming one of the world’s top public health problems. Antibiotics dramatically lower the level of ‘good’ bacteria in the gut (intestines) of animals and humans and can actually increase the risk of some infections. Overuse of antibiotics is causing disease-causing germs to become resistant to antibiotics.

Yet in a DHEC recent survey, nearly 86 percent of South Carolina dairy farmers who responded said they were not concerned that overuse of antibiotics could lead to antibiotic resistance. Nearly a third said they did not have written guidelines for proper antibiotic use.

With funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), DHEC launched a campaign to raise awareness among S.C. dairy farmers on the proper use of antibiotics in herds.

With Clemson University’s Livestock Poultry Health office, we created a DVD and print materials that were given to dairy farmers and veterinarians across South Carolina.