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Food Safety for Industry

Dairy Products

Dairy Products - Bottles of MilkDHEC regulates all Grade A facilities in the state that produce, haul, process, package and distribute milk and milk products, except for cheese. The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates production of cheese.

We do unannounced physical inspections of facilities four times a year, and we run lab tests to sample raw and finished products and water supplies at each facility.

Dairy facilities must meet strict sanitary standards.

Frozen Dairy Foods

We also conduct inspections and lab tests on facilities that produce frozen dairy foods such as ice cream, frozen yogurts, frozen novelties and other frozen dairy specialty food products.

Raw Milk

Permit Needed for Raw Milk Production

If you raise cows or goats and produce raw milk for sale, you must get a permit from DHEC and undergo regular inspections just like other dairy farms in South Carolina.

No one may transport raw milk for human consumption across state lines due to federal laws.

Raw milk dairy operations are governed by S.C. Regulation 61-34.

Fact Sheet (English, Spanish)

DHEC Does Not Regulate Raw Cheese

If you want to produce raw cheese for public consumption, you will need to contact the S.C. Department of Agriculture.

Contact DHEC’s dairy program for more information

Phone: (803) 896-0644
Fax: (803) 896-0645