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Food Safety for Industry

Prevent Food Tampering: Food Security/ Defense Strategies

Food in a buffet Food security — also called food defense — is about preventing deliberate food contamination by individuals or groups.

If you serve food to the public, follow these basic preventive steps to protect your establishment, your employees and your customers.

Prevent Food Tampering

  • Monitor your buffet, food prep and food delivery areas with security cameras.
  • Conduct staff meetings before each shift.
  • Train staff to detect and report signs of food tampering.
  • Ensure employees wear ID badges, uniforms or both.
  • Ensure employees store personal items in lockers.
  • Store chemicals and cleaning products safely and properly.
  • Perform criminal background checks before hiring.
  • Check to see where your operation might need to be more careful or vigilant — complete DHEC's Food Safety and Security Self Assessment Guide for Food Service Operators (pdf).

Food Security Training Resources